About Nikolaev city

The City of Nikolaev is the coastal gem of Ukraine

About Nikolaev citySituated close to the Black Sea Coast, a mere 65 k away, the major City of Nikolaev is a commercial centre, sea port and ship building centre, on the Southern Bug and Inhul River confluence.
Both the Inhul River and the Southern Bug river follow very winding courses just before they join at the north east corner of Nikolaev. This has created several long and narrow peninsulas just north of the City, and the main part of Nikolaev is itself on a peninsula at a 180-degree bend in the Southern Bug River. The City is a lowland complex, the closest mountains are 300 K away, this does mean that the City becomes cold in winter – minus 10 degrees’ c but is pleasant in summer reaching a balmy 22 degrees c.
The City is accessible, under normal circumstances by air, rail and sea.
Places of interest include, 
The Catholic Church of St. Joseph. The church was built in 1896. Bolsheviks closed the church in 1934. Since 1992, the church resumed worship. In recent years, the church holds regular organ music concerts. 
The Cathedral of the Image of the Casper Blessed Virgin Mary. The cathedral, built in 1872-1915, is notable for its ancient Russian architectural forms. In Soviet times, the building served as the club of the shipyard. The cathedral was returned to believers in 1992.  
The Admiralty. The complex of buildings of the Navy Department (the Admiralty) includes Staroflotskie barracks, built in classical style, the shipyard with walls and gates, as well as the gymnasium building housing the construction college.
Usually, when the locals talk about the Admiralty, they mean the current main office building of the Shipyard named after 61 Communards, which has a high spire. Near the entrance, there is a monument to the founder of the city Prince G. Potemkin. 
The Officers’ Club. This two-storey building, constructed in classical style, is an example of civil architecture of the 19th century. Today, the building hosts the House of the officers of the fleet. 
Shukhov’s Tower. In one of the highest places in the city, on the top of Spassky hill, a unique hyperboloid water tower stands for over a hundred years. For the first time this architectural form was introduced by the famous Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov. He designed a lot of similar structures built in Russia and abroad, including the famous television tower in Moscow on Shabolovskaya Street. Today, the tower is not used for its intended purpose. The height of the construction is 25 meters. 
Nikolaev Zoo, founded in 1901, is one of the best in Europe. Today, it has about 5700 animals of 460 species; a lot of species living there are listed in the Red Book.
The enclosure for domestic animals "Grandfather’s hut” is decorated in a folk style. It is a museum of rural life in the southern Ukraine.